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#regalos por haber regalado 3 pares de zapatos. Creo que es justo. ¿O será un plan para matarme lentamente con grasitas?

Every day it’s my #beardday!


These really speak to me. That is concerning.  Via

Historia de mi vida.

This is some good …

#amaranth #pancakes. I dunno if they’re #healthy or #healthier. I just know I cooked them #delicious!


"I, ____Mario Zelada____, hereby acknowledge that at any given moment during Game of Thrones, ____Tyrion____ may perish in a soul-crushing and utterly depressing manner.

I relinquish all rights to my emotional health as I continue to watch this series, well aware that any hopes or desires I have for positive outcomes are destined to go unfulfilled, and understand that the only real outcomes of this show end in heartbreak, disappointment, gore, and cold, unmerciful destruction. …

I hereby disregard my trained expectations for narrative television, understanding that this show has no respect for ___Jon Snow___’s moral ideals, and all traditional acts of heroism or nobility shall likely be met with terrible and undeserved retribution. No one is safe, and I have no right to treat the show with scorn or malice when another kind-hearted individual has his or her eyes gouged and head imploded by the callused mitts of a brute no viewer has ever cared about.

It is with all this in mind that I, ___Mario Zelada____ willingly continue to watch Game of Thrones, and freely invite the feelings of awful, hopeless agony imposed by the narrative events of said program.”


(via newsweek)

The making of Los Panqueques Contratacan!