"Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: 2" by Becky and Joe
1/8/2014: Uploaded to Vimeo
1/8/2014: Staff Picked
5/20/2014: Launched Kickstarter campaign
6/19/2014: Hit Kickstarter goal
Next up: 4 new episodes

It all starts with an upload. #worthit

Not sure I like the end.


Workwear Ronnie.

Ronald Reagan.

White T’s and Jeans, no hay nada mejor!

(via welldressedman)

Gracias a #emisorasunidas! Un poco adelantado pero llegó!



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Si alguien me quiere regalar este Theme pa mi blog … se los agradecería.


#regalos por haber regalado 3 pares de zapatos. Creo que es justo. ¿O será un plan para matarme lentamente con grasitas?

Every day it’s my #beardday!


These really speak to me. That is concerning.  Via

Historia de mi vida.

This is some good …