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Renowned Chinese artist and political dissident Ai Weiwei has just launched his largest solo exhibition to date, calledEvidence, in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau. The show is expansive, sprawling across 3,000 square meters and 18 rooms. The centerpiece of the exhibit is an installation called Stools, which features a staggering number of 6,000 wooden stools arranged in the atrium. The stools, collected from rural villages across northern China, date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties as well as the Republican period, expressing the centuries-old aesthetic and daily lifestyle of rural China. Packed tightly together on the floor of the atrium, the stools form a colossal and interlocked surface whose sheer size is astonishing.

I had the pleasure to see his last exhibit when it was at the AGO in Toronto and I have to say for a modern artist his work is amazing and thought provoking. 

Realmente quiero ver esto!

Más o menos, allí voy. #nikeplus

Ohhhhh Yes!  I’ve started praying already.

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A female street art collective has set a new Guinness World Record to create the largest spray-painted mural by multiple artists. Over 100 international female street artists came together to create the continuous mural in south London’s Leake Street Tunnel, made famous by Banksy, on March 8, 2014. The record was broken as part of all-female street art event Femme Fierce, the largest of its kind in the UK, which aims to celebrate women street artists across the world.

Esto me pone a pensar que le podría decir yo a mí en una carta que me fuera entregada hace 17-18 años?


 Reflect: Convicts’ letters to their younger selves.

The captivating portraits offer a rare glimpse into the minds of convicts who will spend much of their adult lives behind bars. Bell and digital retoucher Timothy Holt spent the day at a Maine State prison photographing individual inmates who were also offered the opportunity to write a letter to a younger version of himself. Holt then worked extensively in post-production to transfer the words of each letter into a perfect silhouette around each compelling portrait. In addition to the large, still photographs, live interviews with the inmates were also documented in a powerful video.

Watch the video below

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Jeep: Jeep on board

Back in the Jeep days!

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Texan-British Brooklyn transplant Devonté Hynes hasn’t made the richest sounding R&B album of the year working under his new moniker Blood Orange — that accolade might go to the multi-million dollar, sonically-intimidating Random Access Memories by Daft Punk. But where the French duo’s retro-disco gets soggy and their are-we-human-are-we-robots shtick inspires a yawn, Blood Orange is conceptual R&B for the 21st century that feels both emotionally pungent and post-euphoria sexy. It’s denouement nightlife music, the chill that comes after the cocaine rush at the club. Cupid Deluxe is a decidedly experimental affair, drawing on everything from Norman Whitfield’s chucking guitar funk, Maxwell's Caribbean ambient soul, Prince's psychosexual Minneapolis dream-pop, East Coast Audio-Two style hip-hop and the washed-out ’80s hipster cool of the Drive soundtrack. With its broken and disconnected lyrics about heartbreak and tortured relationships, the album is very much reflective of our post-privacy, Instagram times. You are invited to gawk at Cupid Deluxe's songs as photos of stylized vulnerability and self-aware emotional bleeding. Each one knows it's beautiful, knows it's sad, even if it doesn't know why. —Jason King


Instagram Experiments

Ecuadorean illustrator and art director Javier Pérez creates  clever Instagram Experiments where he turns everyday objects and food into clever minimalistic photo illustrations.